Thursday, April 7, 2011

Chapter 20-23 – Newspaper article

Without a Trace
The community is shocked! This morning: The parents of Jonas, the new Receiver of the Memory, got a mysterious message from Jonas, which said, that he’s doing a morning walk through the community. But then they realized Gabriel, the newchild, is also gone.

The police said that Jonas is gone. Has vanished! The Receiver is vanished, the most dreaded case since 10 years. What will happen next? Does the community get the mysterious feelings like ten years ago? And why is Gabriel also gone? 

The police already started a big search. Planes overflew the community and the area nearby every 30 minutes, but there isn’t anything new. The police talked to his parents whether Jonas behavior was different than the time before, but nothing.

The final question is: Why did he run away? And what will happen to the community?


  1. Sophie,

    Your newspaper article focuses on the most important aspects an article needs. You give relevant and imporant information, perhaps an article would, in addition, even ask the readers to support the search and to report anything suspicious about the case to the Elders... (as I think there is no such thing as a police in the community)

    Some comments on language:
    - a message WHICH said.. => indirect spech => backshift of tenses
    - HAS vanished
    - planes flEw over
    - check the difference between "if" and "whether"

  2. I think you wrote a good newspaper article. But don't you think that the community would keep Jonas' disappearance a secret? And Katharina thinks (her computer doesn't work)that the Giver's plan was to show that Jonas is drowned in the river?!? But all in all you made a good job.

  3. The titel remind me of the series :)
    I like that you've done some newspaperarticle it's quite interesting and it shows the compassion the community feel for Jonas