Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Post-Reading Task – Another title for the book

In my opinion the book title should be something like “Jonas – The Receiver of the Memories” like my blog name, because the current title “The Giver” doesn’t give you any information about what the book is about neither the cover does and I think the new title would give you some hints, that there is a boy, who will be or is the Receiver of the Memories and that he receives memories.

Therefore I would change the cover too, to give you a first clue, what the book might be about in addition to the title. I didn’t find a picture nor could create a picture, which fits to my imagination of the book cover so I will describe it.

At the book cover you see a boy, who has lighter eyes, and a old man. The boy is lying on a bed an the old man has his hand on the boy’s back. The boy has a thought bubble above his head, which contains the memory of riding the sled in it. At least the book cover itself should be in black and white, only the thought bubble I imagine to be coloured

All in all the new title should give you the information that the boy Jonas is the Receiver of the Memories and the book cover should show you from whom he receives them.


  1. Hey Sophie. Great idea! I really liked that you described the "new" cover. I think you are right that the reader would get more information from your cover and title. But only a question without criticism: Can you imagine that the original title and book cover are consciously chose from Lois Lowry?

  2. Thank you for your comment.
    Yeah i think Lois Lowry chose the title and book cover consciusly, I think every author do it.

  3. Sophie,

    Your ideas are all in all very convincing. I guess now that you've read the novel you are able to judge the book cover and the title. I especially like the idea you have developed for another cover. Maybe there's still a chance that you design it?! That would be cool!

    some comments on language:
    - does not give any information ABOUT what the book is about
    -neither DOES the cover
    - hiNts
    - WHO vs HOW => check for difference
    - WHAT the book might be about
    - I didn’t find a picture NOR could I create a picture
    - the picture itself should be in black and white, only the thought bubble I imagien to be coulored.
    -show from whom he receives them (the memories)

    PS: Every author doES it.