Thursday, April 14, 2011

Post-Reading Task – Book review

The novel “The Giver” written by Lois Lowry deals with Jonas, who’s living in a community, where everything is very controlled and Jonas is selected to do the most honored job.  The book was published 1993 and is a soft science fiction novel.

The novel “The Giver” is set in a perfect world. In the Ceremony of Twelve Jonas, the main character is selected to be the new Receiver of the Memories of his community. During his training, performed by “The Giver of Memory”, Jonas finds out about the dark secrets that underlie the apparent harmony of his world.

I think the book is nice to read it in school or something like that, but I wouldn’t recommend it to people, who want to read it privately. In the beginning of the book, you get to know many information about the community and Jonas, the story is interesting, but how further you read you lose your interest. Especially in the end, the action takes place about a huge time period and that isn’t very interesting. I have to say that the book has an open ending and I don’t like that, because I want to know how the story ends and I don’t want to imagine how the end might be. 

All in all, for reading the book in school and something like that I would recommend it, but for reading it privately I don’t recommend it.

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  1. Sophie,

    Your book review covers many important aspects. You give information on the book (such as author, year of release...) and you summarize the content so that the reader of you review knows what the book is about. Also, you give your personal opinion on the novel and you give reasons for your judgement. Well done!

    Languagewise, think about these aspects:
    - The novel IS SET in a perfect world.
    - Are "information" uncountable? check much/many