Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Chapter 13 - The Fail of the Selection - Part 1

During the ceremony of twelve we got to know that the Elders failed in their last selection for the Receiver of the Memory. In chapter 13 we get to know more details about the incident.
Now I will write how it could happen.

It was the second day of the ceremonies in December. It was pretty much the same process as at Jonas’ selection: During the distribution of the assignments the Chief Elder skipped one person, a female, in the end she said, that she was selected to be the new Receiver of the Memory.

The Chief Elder mentioned that the training would include indescribable pain and in chapter 13 Jonas asked the Giver, what happened. The Giver said indirectly that the girl died, because of the pain and then all the memories, which she already received, were gone and the whole community had access to them. Finally it was a chaos, because the community got to know the indescribable pain and the knowledge.illhill


  1. Hey. I like that you pay special attention on the failed selection. It makes clear how dangerous knowledge and memories could be. Maybe it is a warning for Jonas, isn't it? Do you think that he is afraid, now?
    Good work and description.

  2. Yeah i think he's afraid, maybe he thinks that the memories, which include pain, are to painful so he will die to but i also think that he's brave and will survive that.

  3. When I read these chapters I wondered how the Elders could be wrong by their chose of that girl. It seems like they never make any mistakes. And is Jonas really that special that he is the only one who is able to do this job? Was there in so many years never a person who cuold be selcted?

  4. I like your idea too. I think it is a very good text. What do you think happend to her? Where is she now?

  5. That is an interesting point you write about. It is only dealt with very briefly at the Ceremony of Twelfe, the failure of a previous Receiver. The discussion here shows that there's a need to talk about such issues, as we get the feeling that selection is not only something outstandingf, but, as Laura pointed out, now seems to be dangerous as well. It would be interesting to also write about the chaos and the feelings of the community when the previously chosen girl died. Perhaps you can do this at some point..

    PS: "IN" the end