Thursday, March 31, 2011

Chapter 17 – Jonas’ Diary

Dear Diary,
it’s a long time ago, since I wrote the last entry. 

Today wasn’t such a nice day.
In the morning, the speaker said, that we have the day free and we all were happy about it and everyone was doing what he wanted to do.

I don’t take the pills anymore! Mum and Dad don’t know it, nobody knows it, but I can’t live in a world without feelings. The dreams came back, at first I felt a little embarrassed, but now I can handle it.

I rode my bike to look for Asher. Riding through the community, I realized that I cannot imagine a life in the community without colors. Now everything is so beautiful and is shining with deeper feelings. Finally I saw Asher, who was playing with some kids and Fiona on the playing field ‘Good guys – Bad guys’. I played it a lot when I was younger, but know with all these memories of war I have, I cannot…
When I stood there, I was having a memory, in which someone was shot. I almost cried! Certainly the others don’t understand it and so they were just leaving, except for Asher and Fiona. Asher was upset, because I ruined the game… I wanted to explain it, but he didn’t understand it. No! He CANNOT understand it.

After refusing Fiona’s suggestion to ride the bikes together and hang out, I rode home. At home Lily talked about wanting to learn riding the bike. I think I will teach her, it’s almost December. Only a month left. 

Phew! Almost one year over… one year a Receiver…

Dad talked about going earlier to bed, because of the twins, which will be born tomorrow. The lighter one will be released. Simply released! Such a shame.

Well, Lily told some stories, I agree with Mom’s suggestion that Lily should be assigned as a ‘Storyteller’. It would perfectly fit to Lily’s behavior...or rather her speeches.

Well, I’m tired, I think I will go to bed now.
Good night, Jonas.


  1. This post is shit. I don't like it! No, only a joke ;)April, april!
    The diary entry is good to sum up the chapter and you include the feelings and thoughts of Jonas. I think it's really good and the "Phew!" is the coolest word in this post xD
    xoxo <3

  2. Sophie,

    lovely diary entry with lots of niec ideas. I especially like the description of the ic´ncident when playing "good guys - bad guys" as this marks the difference between Jonas, who knows about war, and the other children. Well done!

    Something on language:
    - commas: In case of doubt, leave them out!
    - to handle sth / to deal with sth.
    - you don't "remember" a memory. you just "have" it
    - except FOR
    - after refusing to ride

    PS: Sarah, you are such a teaser ;)